Alpha Theta chapter actually began initiating   in the year 1929, the approval of the charter for Alpha Theta was in Dec of 1930, it was officially incorporated May 23, 1931  Alpha Theta is responsible for activating chapters at mtsu western kentucky, Vanderbilt, and other chapters within the south central province.

Alpha Theta is  one of the first chapters to recognize “shooting the yo” as a symbol of kappa alpha psi. Historically the chapter has always been known for singing fraternity songs better than most chapter, which is were the sane “cane swinging singing chapter of the south” Alpha Theta is notable for writing various pledge songs such as “brothers” and “we are scrollers”.  Alpha theta also participated in many sit in protest during the 1960’s.  There have been various members of Alpha Theta that have won the prestigious “Elder watson diggs award” for their work  in Kappa Alpha Psi.

Tennessee State University (HBCU) is the home of the undergraduate chapter, but membership does not stop upon graduation. The Alpha Theta Alumni Chapter, recently born is the meeting place of Lawyers, Doctors, Business Men, Council Men, Music Industry Insiders, and so much more who became brother’s within the greatest chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi on earth.

” Konspicuous 29 was the last official line be Scrollers on the yard and be able to publicly pledge. “That’s a Bet”… That was code for ourline to get out of dodge after a session with the Bro’s when we were Scroller’s. We still use it to this day when we talk to each other and end a conversation with action items.” – Historical excerpt from Jeff Wilson

ALPHA THETA “None Greater”



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